Whether it’s supportive straight therapy or gay affirmative therapy that you are looking for, our most intimate relationships all call for  the ability to work through inevitable confusion, challenges, and conflicts.

Learn how conflict is part of any engaged relationship and instead of being “a problem,” it can be your opportunity to grow and heal old wounds.

  • Would you like to nurture more compassion for the difficult and rewarding task of being in a relationship with someone you love?
  • And to make friends with your vulnerability?
  • Is it your goal to learn how to become a more deeply responsive partner through enhancing your communication?
  • Are you curious about how incompatibility may be grounds for a perfect relationship?

If so, Imago Couples Therapy may be for you. If you are interested or have questions contact me.

“OMG, I learned so much about myself and my boyfriend. Anthony helped us to have understanding and appreciation of each other. We now have disagreements but we don’t fight and argue like we use to do.” – C.J.